Who We Are

Who We Are

Community Interest Luton (CIL) is a not-for-profit company that aims to work in partnership with local third and public sector organisations and businesses, to coordinate activities meeting shared objectives of reducing unemployment, raising skills levels, increasing volunteering, and promoting educational opportunities. The company was set up following several
years of voluntary activity by the directors during which they formed strong and effective relationships across the various sectors. However, in order to maintain momentum and build on the successful outcomes already achieved, a formal structure was required that would enable strategic management and partnership development of projects.

Our Aims

  • To provide a range of opportunities and activities in order to tackle general unemployment, with regard to the specific problems inherent in some communities.
  •  To promote volunteering both for its value to the individual and the community, and as a route to gaining skills and paid employment.
  •  To work in partnership to meet strategic aims, and coordinate the efforts of partners in order to avoid duplication or missed opportunities.
  •  To celebrate the work and achievements of local people, businesses and organisations where they have demonstrated a commitment to and regard for their local community.

Over the last few years our projects have gone from strength to strength. Our vision of bringing the public, private and voluntary sectors together to make a positive contribution has become a reality through the various projects we have initiated.

Mostaque Ahmed Koyes - Director & Founder

Donna Dwyer - Director

Aimee Jade Clarke - Director